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Interested in one of our cabinet options? Check out the list below to see how you can get started!

      1. Make an appointment with one of our designers.
      2. Research a few of our brands: Waypoint, Kraftmaid, Dura Supreme, Echelon (formerly Armstrong), Merillat, Wolf, Smart. Make a list of what appeals to you.
      3. Prepare for your appointment. Bring blueprints, if building.
        How to Measure Your Space
        Materials: pencil, graph paper, tape measure
        -Working from corner to corner, take measurements of all walls. Ignore appliances, doorways, windows, etc.
        -Measure the height to the ceiling (or soffits, if applicable).
        -Starting from the corners, measure and mark the locations of windows and doors. If appliances need to stay in the same locations due to hookups, be sure to measure and mark those on the layout as well.
        -Measure and mark any additional electrical fixtures, outlets, or vents.
      4. Gather inspiration. Collect pictures and images you like, perhaps via a Pinterest board. Figure out any storage needs.
      5. Find an installer.
      6. Review layouts with designers and make adjustments. Borrow samples to view in your home.
      7. Before the order is finalized, we will come out and measure your space.
      8. Most brands take 4 weeks for delivery.